Update on 4. February 2015: WordPress seems to have changed text parsing. In consequence, some attributes of ByTheWay currently do not work. I will have a look at this issue soon.

ByTheWay is a WordPress plugin providing shortcodes for collapsible annotations. + Such as these!


ByTheWay is easy to use. In most cases, a simple + Your annotation is all you need. ByTheWay supports nested annotations just by repeating the same shortcode. Have a look at the usage section to learn how to add your own annotations.


ByTheWay supports several optional attributes, providing a great deal of flexibility. You can change attributes per single annotation or by globally adjusting default attribute values in the admin backend. You can even use your own CSS styles.

Clean and Lightweight

On the client side, ByTheWay uses the jquery libraries coming with WordPress 3.6.1. So don’t worry about conflicting libraries or wasted bandwith. On the server side, ByTheWay makes efficient use of resources – it should run quick even on shared webhosting and small servers.